01. Lokasenna
02. The Trial of Loki
03. Into Eternity
04. Shadows of Loki
05. Deliverance

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"Hela." Loki cast emerald scrutiny to the being before him, the birth of a weary smirk creasing the corners of his lips. The children of his likenesses were often burdened creatures, riddled with the pain of countless injustices. He felt sympathy for their plights as long as they remained civil toward his person. He knew rage was natural and a quality facade to conceal upset, yet, if they would let them, he would be nothing more than calm company.

"Greetings. Is there something you desire?"

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    "But ne’er the company that would increase its suffering." Loki wrenched his quivering form to an erect stance,...
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    Loki’s injured words, his question, set a mirror upon Hela the likes of which she was not prepared for. She reclined,...